Shopping guide

1) Find the publication you are looking for by searching in the search field or navigating via “Tema” and “Serier”.

2) Put the publication in the shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart symbol in the upper right corner / to the left of "Min handlekurv".

How to buy more publications. When the publication is put into the shopping cart, you may repeat the procedure to put more publications into the shopping cart.

3) Check out. Choose “Gå til levering og betaling” for registration and payment information. Translation for filling out the registration scheme (note that only fields marked with * have to be filled out):

   E-postadresse = e-mail address
   Fornavn = First name
   Etternavn = Surname
   Firmanavn = Company name
   Organisasjonsnummber = Organisation number
   Adresse = Address
   Postnr = ZIP Code
   Poststed = District
   Land = Country
   Telefon = Phone number

   Uncheck the two boxes below the scheme
   Enter the "Gå videre" button below
   Payment: Choose payment card, number and end of validity. 
   You can pay with Visa or MasterCard. 
   Enter the "OK, KJØP" button below

When the electronic transaction is completed, you will immediately receive a confirmation by e-mail. It is important to state the correct e-mail address. If you don’t receive the confirmation within a short period of time, please contact us by phone: +47 22 96 55 66 or e-mail: