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EE Settlement final report 2017–2021

This is the final report of the research project EE Settlement – Embodied, energy, costs and Traffic in different Settlement Patterns financed by The Norwegian Research Council under the BYFORSK program.

Forfattere: Selamawit Mamo Fufa, James Kallaos, Øystein Engebretsen, Iratxe Landa-Mata, Petra Bußwald, Kristin Fjellheim, Georg Neugebauer, Peter Lichtenwöhrer, Rolf Barlindhaug, Knut Felberg

Sider: 28 (Illustrert)

Utgivelsesår: 2021

ISBN: 978-82-536-1705-3

The main objective of EE Settlement project is to provide a tool and guidelines for municipalities, regional and central authorities, as well as for professionals and other actors, for assessing the consequences and impacts of different housing development options, considering energy need, environmental impact, and costs over the lifecycle of buildings, infrastructure, and transport.
This report aims to give an overview of the main research activities and deliverables generated by the project partners throughout the project duration of August 2017 – March 2021 to achieve the vision of the project.