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Demand-controlled ventilation – requirements and commissioning

Guidebook on well-functioning and energy-optimal DCV

Forfattere: Mads Mysen, Peter Schild, Axel Cablé

Sider: 63 (Illustrert)

Utgivelsesår: 2014

ISBN: 978-82-536-1414-4

The purpose of this guidebook is to help building owners to acquire well-functioning demand-controlled ventilation by applyingthe guidebook’s recommendations, as well as proper commissioning. Contractorsand property managers can use the guidebook to improve the quality of newsystems, while facility managers can use it for troubleshooting and maintenanceof existing ventilation systems.

The guidebook results from the Norwegian research and development project «reDuCeVentilation» – Reduced energy use in Educational buildings with robust Demand-Controlled Ventilation. The presented solutionsare also suitable for office buildings.